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Superbike Honda VFR1200F Revealed 2010

The Interceptor, though, captivated on to devotees; riders who accepted achievement but were afraid to accord up abundance to get it. The Interceptor line, in the aftermost 25 or so years, has been Honda's premiere showcase; sometimes for adorable technology like the single-sided Pro Arm swingarm, sometimes for less-than-desirable tricks like V-TEC capricious valve timing.

In talking about the new VFR1200F, Honda's been accurate to position it as a new thing, “its own thing.” They've been accurate to say that it's not a one-for-one backup for the Interceptor.

But it is. That was accessible back the new VFR1200F was appear in a appointment allowance at Honda's Torrance, California HQ. After an adapted bulk of ooh-ing and ahh-ing by the accumulated journalists, the curtains were opened and the new bike was wheeled out into a courtyard area it was placed at the arch of a agency of... all the old Interceptors (plus a few added notable V-bikes, including an NR750!)

Such was the apprehension of this bike that back it was aboriginal wheeled out, the journos – who commonly alight on new metal like vultures on a beginning body – formed a amphitheater about 20 anxiety in bore about it. It was as if none dared be the aboriginal to access it.

Yet at the aforementioned time, the aboriginal attending was additionally brave with a little disappointment, if alone because this new belvedere will “soon” be accessible with alternative dual-clutch technology. That was the bike I anticipation I was advancing to see; it will accord riders the advantage of servo-assisted paddle shifters or alike a absolutely automated six-speed tranny.