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Gambar Honda Vario Rider Extreme Modifikasi

By the modificator, this motorcycle alleged MEFRIK custome, this motorcycle is created amazingly, so it can move up and done like in car modification. The modificator use air abeyance to actualize it amazing movement. Absolutely this modification is not new custom, this modification absolutely has become a matic trend in japan

To accomplish air abeyance he use compressor with 550 psi and shock breaker hidrolic with 4 cm diameters. For stabilitation the modificator additionally aply added shockbreaker beneath sedels in adjustment to accumulate air sus function.

at the advanced ablaze this motorcycle put of the accepted ablaze and administer honda air brand with projector custom. at the asphalt of this motorcycle, there is a led lamp and duke fabricated body. I like the blush and the grapict band of this motorcycle, amethyst atramentous chrome is the excelent color. So ablaze and bright..I anticipate you afflicted with this motor aeon isn’t it. As you apperceive this motorcycle created by 73 motorcycle.