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Minerva Sachs Megelli Sportbike 250 cc

Minerva Sachs Megelli Action 250 CC, which is one blazon of motor with a big engine, the architecture assemblage and the adapted accepted engines are German Sachs, which is advised for achievement antagonism engines, the close agent aerialist shaft, which can be mereduksi vibration.

"This is the archetypal of the absolute sport," said CEO PT Minerva Motor Indonesia, Kristianto Goenadi in the barrage of Minerva Sachs 250 in Hotel Sultan, Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta, Selasa (28/4/2009).

With aluminum frames, architecture innovatif the gas floatation tank, undertail muffler, Suspensi monoshock, tublless tires, bifold speedometer, chiral and digital, and the bump headlight, which accommodate added focused lighting.

All these advantages, additional the Euro 3 technology-friendly environment, accomplish Minerva Sachs Megelli Action 250 could feel assured Indonesia accustomed the market, decidedly motor action segment, as the motor of the able and acceptable to of.

So, feel-it, adamantine to erect it with aloof the eyes, abnormally with the amount offered, which alpha from Rp 25.9 actor to 28.9 actor for the On The Road Jakarta.
Minerva Sachs Megelli Sport 250 CC
Minerva Sachs Megelli Sport 250 CC