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2009 Vespa LX50 US and Canada Editions

2009 Vespa LX50 US and Canada Editions2009 Vespa LX50 US and Canada Editions

Congestion is for everybody else. zip through traffic with a coffee center of gravity and a bigger front wheel (11" front-10" back), that provides additional management and agility. And your posture has never looked better. The ergonomically-designed seat allows for your legs and arms to be held at correct angles and your torso straight, for a comfortable ride.

The Vespa LX is obtainable in an exceedingly 50CC and a roaring 150CC version. so take life at the speed you would like. The LX a hundred and fifty permits you to do an impressive highway like fifty nine mph to urge you where you would like to go, fast.

Brake at a red light-weight with confidence, with the LX's advanced mixed-type braking system. The front has a seven.8" diameter disc, with hydraulic linkage and a twin opposed piston hydraulic caliper. the rear has a four.3" diameter drum with mechanical linkage.

From a similar pedigree as the initial Vespa prototype designed by Paiggio in 1946, the Vespa LX50 is over sixty years in the creating. Witness the evolution of fashion, comfort, and performance with the core values of Vespa that never change: Eco-friendly engineering, passion, individualism, and integrity.