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Electric Scooter Repsol Honda EV-neo

Electric Scooter Repsol Honda EV-neo

This is the latest electric scooter Honda EV-called neo intended for the carriage of goods, while keeping the elements clear and calm. The EV-neo would be proof of the continued dedication of Honda in the manufacture of motor vehicles pleasant environment for a wider audience. And what better solution to the market of paint shades of Repsol, and use it in an enclosure on all races of the MotoGP Championship America Worldwide.

Besides the environmental efficiency of fantastic, as the 'zero CO2 emissions ", the new EV-neo is equipped with the engine even if trasporting general merchandise, generates more torque at low speeds to ensure an incredible journey, but from the floor in addition to heading up the hill. This engine, produced, while the Honda plant, works through the use of engineering in the Insight, Honda hybrid car, and includes a quick charger, developed exclusively for this design, allowing a total cost in just 30 minutes at room temperature 25 degrees, allowing the load without effort to the length of a workday.

The new EV-neo is conceived as a fully electric scooter, which could be used in many unique position to supply ample room behind the seat level for easy loading and unloading of goods. At the moment only available in Japan, EV-neo has now incredible gains among companies that specialize in transportation for delivery of food and newspapers. The moment that absolutely was not a decision yet if this product is likely to be released internationally.