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Victory Vegas 8-Ball 2009

The Vegas 8-Ball aboriginal appeared in 2005, but it’s back had affluence of updates. Key amid them is the accession of the able 100 cubic-inch agent which now produces a claimed 85 hp and 106 ft-lbs of torque. This comminute got a host of enhancements in ’08, including beyond 45mm burke bodies as allotment of a new, sequential, closed-loop fuel-injection system.

A abridgement in the compression arrangement to 8.7:1 accustomed added advancing agitation timing, bumping up ability marginally. A redesigned oiling arrangement accustomed the use of a abate oil acknowledgment that is beneath obtrusive. An annoying active complete from aboriginal Freedom motors was alleviated by slower valve closing speeds and best closing ramps, and accidental babble is added damped by added sound-deadening badinage on the engine’s primary cover.

The Vegas 8-Ball is audible from the upmarket accepted Vegas primarily by its atramentous theme. Many of the Vegas’ chrome $.25 accept aphotic finishes on the 8-Ball. The alone actual chrome is begin on the exhaust, headlamp nacelle, instruments and the clamp and anchor levers. The 8-Ball additionally does after the Vegas’ sixth gear, air-conditioned headlight and disposable commuter bench (and footpegs). As compensation, the $13,799 8-Ball comes in at a amount $2,500 cheaper than the Vegas’ $16,299 MSRP.