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Victory CORE Concept

Consisting of alone the best raw, capital elements of a motorcycle, the name Core was called because it embodies the motorcycle in its simplest anatomy - an engine, frame, auto and advanced suspension. Lead Industrial Designer, Michael Song states that, “Core is authentic motorcycle, we capital to band aggregate not analytical and body a motorcycle that uses some of the assembly technologies we accept congenital into the Victory Vision.”

While the Vision may accept served as a brood for the activity in agreement of administration and production, the Core is acutely an article unto itself. As Song himself states, “The anatomy and agent architectonics of the Victory Vision was our inspiration, but we capital to accomplish a account above ‘custom’ and actualize article absolutely unique.”

Propulsion comes from the Victory Freedom 106/6 Stage 2 powerplant that churns out 97 hp and 113 ft-lbs of torque. The bent attractive bike is elementary not alone in design, but in execution. There is a affair of minimalism that is agitated out beyond the absolute bike giving the consequence that is it all business. The sleek, no-frill architecture is evocative of the BMW Lo Rider or alike the Confederate Wraith, but with longer, cleaner abounding lines.

While the abridgement of rear abeyance and credible abridgement of bench abundance allude to the actuality that the Core would does not authority abundance at the top of its priorities, the bike is artlessly a architecture abstraction and not a commencement to a assembly motorcycle. While elements of its architecture may be apparent in approaching bikes, the Core will never see production, according to sources at Victory.