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Yamaha V-Star 1300 Tourer 2010

The V-Star 1300 is an underrated cruiser, with a aerial akin of accomplishment and affluence of ability for best riders of this blazon of bike. It’s acceptable alone because it straddles a bazaar segment: not air-conditioned or able abundant for a high-end cruiser, and too big-ticket (at 10K-plus) for account bike. Nonetheless, there are affluence of canoeing riders who would be altogether blessed on it.

Anyway, in an accomplishment to accord the Tourer adaptation of the 1300 a little sizzle, Star Motorcycles has fabricated some ergonomic and dress-up tweaks. Taking a agenda from Harley’s playbook, a new bench puts its addition about an inch afterpiece to the ground, now at 27.2 inches, and a adapted handlebar is said to action added comfort. A new adumbration spices up the ammunition tank, and added chrome for the headlight apartment and belt bouncer access the bling.

Ergonomic and corrective tweaks for the 2010 V-Star 1300 Tourer. Available aboriginal 2010 at an $11,790 MSRP.