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Foto Gambar Modifikasi Suzuki Thunder

Have you ever watch the classic version of suzuki gsx 250? actually i dont really interested with suzuki thunder motor bike because this motor bike have really bad design.

Compared with bajaj xcd whch have the same class as small as 125cc engine. But bajaj xcd have a better appearance that suzuki thunder. this is the first post which is talkking about suzuki thunder modification bike. The models will be displayed in the Auto Expo 2008. Suzuki Motorcycle India is ready and eager to introduce premium-powered bikes in the country by the year 2009.The Suzuki Heat is entry-level bike. It is 125cc bike. With this bike Suzuki is trying to woo the economical buyers with opening option for them to get a more powerful bike. The bike is very stylish. It has the flashy sticker and stylish graphics which run through the length of the bike and the multi-reflector headlamp increases visibility.