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Gambar Modifikasi Suzuki Skywave Scooter matic

modifikasi suzuki skywave

Actually this is not the real Suzuki skywave motor bike, but this is the thailand version of suzuki spin. it is Suzuki hayate 125. which have the same style with Suzuki sky wave. All riders, not just racers, benefit from having a properly carbureted bike. While an aftermarket pipe may make your bike more powerful, making sure the carbs are properly jetted will result in more power and improved power delivery–whether you have a hot pipe bolted on or not. For example, getting optimum power and smoothness out of an inline-four may require different needle or jet settings for the center carburetors and the outer ones.

modifikasi suzuki spin

As we know our neighbour, thailand is the developed country which closely have the same environment like in Indonesia. and for motor bike, they also have the same style but different name motor bike