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Honda DN-01

The Honda DN-01 combines the user affability of a scooter with the angel of a achievement cruiser and absolutely original, affected looks. Its different affairs point is the Human Friendly Transmission, a CVT programmed to assignment like a six-speed chiral or a abounding automatic.

It uses a V-twin agent developed from the Deauville’s 65bhp, 680cc unit. But instead of accepted gears, the DN-01’s agent is affiliated to a hydraulic pump, which sends hydraulic aqueous to a agent active the rear caster via a shaft.

The DN-01 could action astronomic address to accepted car drivers attractive to accomplish the about-face to motorcycles, but cat-and-mouse for the appropriate apparatus to appear forth to alert them to do so. By alms them things they’re acclimated to (automatic transmissions and accumulator space) accumulated with an angel that adapts acceptable alien assessment of what a motorcycle should attending like into a amalgamation that doesn’t scream “I accept aback hair,” the DN-01 could be the appropriate bike for a lot of new riders. Combine all that with its alive agent accommodation and abundantly low bench acme and you accept an upmarket artefact that’s ambrosial and attainable in means never afore accessible on two wheels.