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kawasaki ninja 150r modification

Can imagine the result if the two candidate motor that different modifications unified flow. Ayung Mosbi Zulkarnain from a specialization in the body, while Budi Udin Fakkar from Jatayu Motor Sport proficient in problem feet. Both collaborate overhaul Kawasaki Ninja 150 2004’s Phang Apoh aka Sui Po.

The result, do you think would be an extreme view. Instead, the two modifiers that only one location in Angke, West Jakarta, was a display “Kawak” become more muscular. A work that can be called perfect, because each effacing the ego, but rather support each other.

The work was divided according to their expertise. To create a muscular look, a lot of waste used moge Honda CBR 400, such as front and rear wheels. “Dimension legs gedean CBR 400 is not suitable for a 150 Ninja bersasis tubular,” said Budi.

For the suspension, especially the front, Budi rely on waste CBR 400. Although not a model upside down, but still look fierce. “Most sip rear swing arm design that is curved like a banana model,” the blessings proud Apoh modif unite the two experts because easy to see the process because they live nearby.

At first, the rear suspension Apoh determined using a moge CBR 400. After trying to make a higher rear view nungging alias. The solution, Budi Monoshock rear pairs Ninja remain proportional to the position.

Finish affairs legs, “Kawak” Mosbi trafficked into the workshop. Here, Ayung, long-haired man, the stern forming a Honda CBR400 motorcycle with a separate seat model. Nah only that, he also touched the bottom of the fairing to cover the hull exhaust with fiberglass.

Meanwhile, for the front sepatbor not wearing a CBR400 because of high prices. Ayung cold hands that made him more capable of making custom fuller appearance.

Finishing process also worked Ayung. Including the selection of a combination of blue and white colors are very fit and strengthen Kawasaki Ninja 150 look like moge.