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Bike Extreme Low Rider Modifications

This is a air-conditioned bike which adapt in low ride style. This bike is alleged Indonesian Low Ride. Why? There is a map Indonesia country. So this bike is alleged an Indonesian low ride. This low ride bike is use from Honda Supra XX 2002. The abstraction of modification is application a low ride appearance in automated bike. Recently the low ride appearance has become trend modification.

The anatomy of the low ride bike is looks cool. It becomes appropriate an automated bike. It can access the Low Ride impression. The rear bike is capital appropriate Low Ride. The beat arm is use a custom beat arm which covered cilia glass. The beat is fabricated best 1 meter. It tells us that this motorcycle is Low Ride. Attending at the engine! It is abreast from the ground. It is appropriate of Low Ride style.

This Low Ride bike is application bifold suspension. They are amid in the advanced and the anatomy of this bike. The suspensions in the anatomy are attending beneath the seat. It can assure the Fairing from a bump. It use from Suzuki Satria & Gazi upside bottomward suspensions. Attending the picture!

The advanced suspensions are application custom suspensions. The advanced annoy is use from Battlax admeasurement 110/60-17 which accumulated by a rim from custom rim. The rear annoy is use from Battlax too admeasurement 160/80-17.

The tires of this Low Ride bike are attending unique. The tires are application three rims admeasurement 17 inch which accumulated three auto too. The rims are accommodate three rims which accumulated become one rim. The advanced and rear rims is use rim with advanced 2, 25 inch the tires are application three tires. The abysmal tires are use three which covered a advanced tire. A advanced course can abutting the abysmal tires. It looks so unique, isn’t it?

So this bike is attending air-conditioned Low Ride motorcycle. The annoy is attending so different if you attending added clearly. Come on! Adapt your bike like this! Good try bro! It is LOW RIDER