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Modifikasi Cobra Style Honda Kharisma 2004

We charge feel astonishing with this appearance modification. The appearance modification is accumulated from bastard abstraction and conflicting concept. The advanced bike is attending like a arch of baron cobra. It can adapt like cobra. The headlamp is use actual cilia from X1. The awning of headlamp is adapted bluff and like a eyes of baron cobra. It looked agrarian impression. The conflicting abstraction is attending in the anatomy kit. Shape of the anatomy is fabricated unique. The rear is cut and fabricated little. The average anatomy is fabricated added and cooler. This amalgamate is astonishing abstraction to activate modification.

The anatomy of this bike is fabricated stronger and looks cool. The anatomy is use from aluminum actual which paints air-conditioned color. The beat arm is attending air-conditioned and unique. This motorcycle is use a address beat arm. Only appropriate ancillary is use a beat arm. The air besom of this air-conditioned cobra bike is actual important too. The anatomy is corrective atramentous flash color. It use acrylic from Green Bunglon. The handlebar is attending best to appearance the addition is cool.