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Retro and Classic Style Modify Honda C70

The Archetypal Bike is altered motorcycle. This Bike is from Honda C70 which modifies in Awakening style. There are abounding accessories in this bike. The anatomy is repainted in gold color. It uses from Danagloss.

The agent is uses aboriginal but the carburetor is uses from Honda Grand. The anatomy is not covered. It let opened to appearance air-conditioned color. It can appearance that this bike is archetypal bike. The seats is modifies in custom seats.

The tires are looks air-conditioned and classic. They use from DID 140-17 which accumulated by tires from Hung Hwa admeasurement 225x17 and 250x17. There are air-conditioned genitalia in the rims. What is it? It is bar. Attending the rims! There are 72 confined in the rims which sets air-conditioned and beautiful. It is acceptable rims, isn’t it?

The awakening appearance can attending in the handle bar. The headlamp is modifies to attending classic. The bottle is uses annular shape. So it can appearance different.

Now the Honda C70 is looks air-conditioned in Awakening style. Do you appetite to ride this Honda C70?