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2011 Piaggio Scooter Fly 50 4V

2011 Piaggio Scooter Fly 50 4V2011 Piaggio Scooter Fly 50 4V Picture

The Fly 50 inherits Piaggio’s attitude of success, application the latest technology and architecture trends. The aftereffect is a reliable agent for accustomed benumbed that stands out for its style, abundance and affluence of use. Light, compact, and agile, the 2011 Piaggio Fly 50 is accessible to use, simple to park, and offers accomplished power-to-weight arrangement for added performance. With 12" admixture auto and advanced disc brakes it may be the best amount in the market.

Key 2011 Piaggio Scooter Fly 50 4V

• Single cylinder, four-stroke Piaggio Leader engine
• Wide, streamlined front shield – aerodynamic and protective
• Grab rail, for the passanger, rounds off the design
• Low, wide alloy wheel (12”) for maneuverability and stability
• Front disc brakes
• Underseat storage for helmet

Max Speed - 39 mph, 63 kph

Gas Milage - 110-115 mpg / 45-47 kpl

Gas Tank: 1.9 gallons

Seat Height: 30.9"