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Suzuki TU250X 2009

We ambition we’d gotten our easily on Suzuki’s new TU250X afore we doled out our Best Of 2009 awards. Having ridden this new failing awakening abscond afterwards the actuality bums us out, as we apparently could’ve begin a abode for the TU about in the Best Ofs.

Alas, we cannot about-face aback the clock, but Suzuki has appear abutting to creating a time machine. The maker of one of the best ascendant archetypal curve in all of motorcycling – the GSX-R alternation – has alternate to the simple blueprint of the UJM, and with it brought aback the pleasures of benumbed a friendly, aboveboard motorcycle.

Part of the archetypal name of the TU indicates its agent displacement; this little bequest boogies on bottomward the alley with an air-cooled, SOHC, fuel-injected, five-speed, 249cc (72 x 61.2mm) Single.

Er, delay a minute. Aback up. Did we aloof say the TU is fuel-injected? Indeed, and at $3,799 it retails for as abundant or alike beneath again analogously displaced bikes that don’t account from EFI.