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2006 Victory Vegas 8-Ball

It’s brash. It’s bold. It’s acutely American. The Victory Vegas 8-Ball is the actual apotheosis of alarming acceptable looks. Blacked out from breach appendage catchbasin to angle sliders to amateur clamps. A adverse sea of black. Blacked-out engine, blacked-out swingarm, blacked-out belt guard. It may booty a additional glance to apprehend the 8-Ball is a absolute descendent of the Vegas. But afresh it’s account a additional glance. And a third. With a five-speed, 100 cubic inch, four-valves-per-cylinder, aerial cam Freedom V-Twin, you’ll acquisition its achievement as solid as its powder-coated components. And if you anticipate you’ll pay a premium, anticipate again. You’re attractive at a bike whose face amount far exceeds its cost. Whose all-embracing artful is rivaled alone by its ride prowess. Whose bald attendance commands your attention.